January 17, 2017

AlMansoori - Latest Job Opportunities - Apply Now!

AlMansoori Specialized Engineering is the leading provider of oilfield services in the Middle East.  Founded in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in 1977, the company has grown to employ a workforce of 2, 075 across 24 countries throughout the world.

In 2008, AlMansoori made the strategic decision to create holding companies AlMansoori Petroleum Services (AMPS) and AlMansoori Petroleum Industries (AMPI), which segregated the company’s business units and manufacturing and fabrication unit respectively.  Additionally, AlMansoori has developed an integrated project services division to ensure that clients who may use more than one of AlMansoori’s skills experience seamless project management.

Although the company’s activities are predominantly based in the Middle East, it is continually expanding its operations in North Africa, Far East and South East Asia as well as North America and the North Sea region through a number of acquisitions and joint ventures with a number of internationally recognized companies.

Current Job Vacancies:
Code Job Title Location Action
1910 Workshop Helper INDIA Apply
2091 Senior Mechanic UAE Apply
2311 Assistant Inspector EGYPT Apply
2313 Tech 2 (Drilling HSE Advisor) KUWAIT Apply
2338 Tech 2 (Drilling HSE Advisor) UAE Apply
2374 Tech 2 (Drilling HSE Advisor) KUWAIT Apply
2375 Tech 2 (Drilling HSE Advisor) KUWAIT Apply
2377 Tech 2 (Drilling HSE Advisor) KUWAIT Apply
2394 Technician 2 UAE Apply
2395 Tech-2 UAE Apply
2396 Tech-2 UAE Apply
2397 Tech-2 UAE Apply
2402 Operations Administrator GABON Apply
2482 Asst.Technician OMAN Apply
2483 Asst.Technician OMAN Apply
2547 Tech 2 (Drilling HSE Advisor UAE Apply
2548 Tech 2 (Drilling HSE Advisor) UAE Apply
2549 Tech 2 (Drilling HSE Advisor) KUWAIT Apply
2550 Tech 2 (Drilling HSE Advisor) ETHIOPIA Apply
2551 Tech 2 (Drilling HSE Advisor) CAMEROON Apply
2552 Driver KUWAIT Apply
3047 Project Supervisor UAE Apply
3048 HSE Engineer UAE Apply
3051 Technician-3 UAE Apply
3052 Technician-3 UAE Apply
3054 Assistant Technician UAE Apply
3055 Assistant Technician UAE Apply
3056 Assistant Technician UAE Apply
3057 Assistant Technician UAE Apply
3058 Assistant Technician UAE Apply
3059 Assistant Technician UAE Apply
3060 Assistant Technician UAE Apply
3061 Assistant Technician UAE Apply
3062 Assistant Technician UAE Apply
3063 Assistant Technician UAE Apply
3064 Technician-2 UAE Apply
3065 Technician-2 UAE Apply
3066 Driver UAE Apply
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