January 20, 2017

kahramaa Jobs 2017

Kahramaa (Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation), was established in July 2000 to regulate and maintain the supply of electricity and water for the population of Qatar. Since inception, Kahramaa has operated as an independent corporation on a commercial basis with a total capital of eight billion Qatari riyals. Kahramaa is the sole transmission and distribution system owner and operator for the electricity and water sector in Qatar.

We believe that our most vital asset is the intellectual human capital represented by our valued staff. To attain our vision, we seek to attract, develop and retain dedicated people from all nationalities with superior qualifications & experience and demonstrate professional competence & integrity in performing their jobs.

Current Opportunities:
Job Title Action Date of Post
Engineer Telecontrol Apply 04.04.2017
Engineer Transmission Protection Apply 03.04.2017
High Voltage Electrical Fitter Apply 03.04.2017
Engineer Telecommunication Apply 03.04.2017
Senior Engineer Telecontrol Apply 03.04.2017
Engineer Substation Transmission Apply 03.04.2017
Technician Cable Apply 03.04.2017
System Control Engineer Apply 03.04.2017
System Control Engineer Apply 03.04.2017
Senior Operator - LLW Apply 03.04.2017
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