September 18, 2017

Urgent Requirements | Saudi Binladin Group - Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded by King Abdul Aziz Al Saud. In 1931 Mohammed Binladin established a construction company within the Kingdom. In 1950, when King Abdul Aziz was planning the first Saudi Extension to the Prophet's Mosque in Madina.He honored Mohammed Binladin by turning to him fulfill his wishes. Work on the extension was completed during the reign of King Abdul Aziz's son King Saud bin Abdul Aziz. As a result of the success of this project, Mohammed Binladin was asked to undertake the extension to the holy Mosque in Makkah, the first for the thousand years. Work on this huge enterprise started in 1955... continued through the reign of King Saud's successor King Faisal...ceremony at completion of the First Saudi Extension of the Makkah Holy Mosque and was completed after twenty years, during the reign of King Khalid. In 1964 Mohammed Binladin was commissioned to work in the third Holy sanctuary of Islam, re-cladding the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. As the developing kingdom expanded its infrastructure, so Mohammed Binladin played an integral part in these pioneering years by building a network of new highways throughout the country.

Saudi Binladin Group one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia. Require the following for their upcoming projects in KSA. Interested candidates can apply now.
Client Interview on 30th June & 1st July 2018
Shortlisting in progress:
No. Job Category Apply
1 Mechanical Supervising Engineer Submit CV
2 Electrical Technician Submit CV
3 Office Equipment Foreman Submit CV
4 Power Plant Mechanical Technicians Submit CV
5 Plumbing Technicians Submit CV
6 Low Voltage Technicians Submit CV
7 Pump Technician Submit CV
8 Escalator & Elevator Supervisor Submit CV
9 Chiller Technician Submit CV
10 Architectural Foreman Submit CV
11 HVAC Control Technician Submit CV
12 Civil Foreman Submit CV
13 HVAC Technician Submit CV
14 Marble Foreman Submit CV
15 Argon Welding Technicians Submit CV
16 Aluminum Technician Submit CV
17 Office Equipment Technician Submit CV
18 Artificial Stone & Terrazo Technician Submit CV
19 Electronic Sound Technicians / BACS Submit CV
20 Glass & Brass Technicians Submit CV
21 Electronic Sound Engineer Submit CV
22 Ducco Painting Technicians Submit CV
23 Computer Engineer CCMS / BACS Submit CV
24 Marble Fixing Technicians Submit CV
25 Computer Network Technicians Submit CV
26 Telecommunication Technicians Submit CV
27 Masonry Technicians Submit CV
28 Electronic Technicians / CCTV Submit CV
29 Painting Technicians Submit CV
30 Electronic Sound Technician Submit CV
31 Tile Fixing Technicians Submit CV
32 Electronics Technician CO / Traffic Submit CV
33 Marble Technicians Submit CV
34 General Electronic Technician Submit CV
35 Maintenance Engineer Submit CV
36 Computer Technicians Submit CV
37 Site Shift Engineer Submit CV
38 Medium Voltage Technicians Submit CV
39 Circuit Breaker Technicians Submit CV
40 Book Binding Technicians Submit CV
41 Electrical Control Technicians Submit CV
42 Fire Fighting Serviceman (Security) Submit CV
43 Low Voltage Technicians Submit CV
44 Site Supervisor Submit CV
Free Accommodation & other benefits as per KSA labour law.
Required ITI / Diploma / Degree 
Contact for More Details:
Reliance Manpower Services, Hyderabad
Contact: +91 9391333369
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