May 4, 2019

Latest Job Vacancies in Carrefour - Jobs in Middle East 2019

Carrefour is one of the largest hypermarket and supermarket chains in the world. The brand was launched in the region in 1995 by Majid Al Futtaim, which is the exclusive franchisee to operate Carrefour in 38 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. In 1995, Carrefour opened its first hypermarket in City Centre Deira UAE and through the years, expanded to over 175 Carrefour stores in 15 countries across the region, serving over 200,000 customers a day.

Carrefour operates different hypermarket and supermarket stores to meet the growing needs of its diversified customer base. In line with the brand’s commitment to provide the widest range of quality products and value for money, Carrefour today offers an unrivalled choice of more than 100,000 food and non-food products as well as thousands of household goods. Carrefour is dedicated to rewarding its loyal customers and offering access to a unique and pleasant shopping experience through special offers and promotions throughout the year. Carrefour is committed to continued business growth in convenient locations across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia to create great moments for everyone, every day.
Carrefour published their latest career opportunities in multiple locations in Middle East. Interested candidates can apply now.
Job Type: Full Time
Attractive salary + other benefits
No. Job Category Action
1 Baby & Children Section Manager Apply Now
2 Baby & Children Supervisor Apply Now
3 Men & Ladies Section Mgr Apply Now
4 Men & Ladies Staff Apply Now
6 Shoes Home Linen Supervisor Apply Now
7 Textile Department Head Apply Now
9 Heavy House Hold Department Head Apply Now
10 Music Staff Apply Now
11 Music Supervisor Apply Now
12 Office Automation Section Manager Apply Now
13 Office Automation Staff Apply Now
14 Office Automation Supervisor Apply Now
15 T.V. & Hifi Sound Section Manager Apply Now
16 Car & Gard Luggage Section Manager Apply Now
17 Car & Gard Luggage Staff Apply Now
18 Car & Gard Luggage Supervisor Apply Now
19 House wear & Equipment Section Manager Apply Now
20 House wear & Equipment Staff Apply Now
21 Light House Hold Department Head Apply Now
22 Stationary & Library Section Manager Apply Now
23 Stationary & Library Staff Apply Now
24 Stationary & Library Supervisor Apply Now
25 Toys & Sports Section Manager Apply Now
26 Toys & Sports Staff Apply Now
27 Toys & Sports Supervisor Apply Now
28 Beverage Section Manager Apply Now
29 Beverage Staff Apply Now
30 Beverage Supervisor Apply Now
31 DPH Section Manager Apply Now
32 DPH Staff Apply Now
33 DPH Supervisor Apply Now
34 Dry Food Section Manager Apply Now
35 Dry Food Staff Apply Now
36 Dry Food Supervisor Apply Now
37 FMCG Department Head Apply Now
38 OPSS Section Manager Apply Now
39 OPSS Staff Apply Now
40 OPSS Supervisor Apply Now
41 Audit Assistant Apply Now
42 Central Cashier Office Manager (CCO) Apply Now
43 Internal Auditor Apply Now
44 Maintenance Manager Apply Now
45 Store Financial Controller Apply Now
46 Store Human Capital & Admin Manager Apply Now
47 Store IT Manager Apply Now
48 Store Security Manager Apply Now
49 Cashier Apply Now
50 HR Clerk Apply Now
51 HR Supervisor Apply Now
52 Human Resources Coordinator Apply Now
53 Human Resources Manager Apply Now
54 Office Manager/Personal Assistant Apply Now
55 Public Relation Officer Apply Now
56 Receptionist Apply Now
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