April 24, 2015

Various Job Opening at Qatar Petroleum

Qatar Petroleum (QP) is a state owned petroleum company in Qatar. The company operates all oil and gas activities in Qatar, including exploration, production, refining, transport, and storage. QP's chairman is Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy & Industry, and managing director is Saad Sherida Al Kaabi. QP's operations are therefore directly linked with state planning agencies, regulatory authorities, and policy making bodies. Together, revenues from oil and natural gas amount to 60 percent of the country's GDP. Currently it is the third largest oil company in the world by oil and gas reserves.

Position Title Job Code
Senior Civil Engineer BHE/14/002 
Procurement Coordinator BHE/14/003 
Senior Contract Engineer BHE/14/004 
Senior Project Engineer (NGL Plant) BHE/14/005 
Senior Loss Prevention Engineer-Offshore BHE/14/006 
Senior Piping Engineer BHE/14/007 
Lead Electrical Engineer BHE/14/008 
Head Of Facilities Engineering (offsh.) BHE/14/009 
Senior Mechanical Engineer BHE/14/010 
Senior Instrument & Control Engineer BHE/14/011 
Senior Electrical Engineer BHE/14/012 
Lead Project Control engineer BHE/14/013 
Document Controller BHE/14/014 
Head of Facilities Engineering(Onshore) BHE/14/015 
Lead Contract engineer BHE/14/016 
Lead Electrical engineer (Offshore) BHE/14/017 
Lead Engineer Safety & Environment BHE/14/018 
Lead Engineer Standards & Technical Interface BHE/14/019 
Lead Instrument and Control engineer (Onshore) BHE/14/020 
Lead Mechanical Engineer -Offshore BHE/14/021 
Lead Mechanical Engineer-onshore BHE/14/022 
Lead Process Engineer (Offshore) BHE/14/023 
Lead Project Engineer (Offshore) BHE/14/024 
Lead QA/QC Engineer BHE/14/025 
Lead Structural Engineer (Offshore) BHE/14/026 
Commissioning Specialist (Offshore) BHE/14/027 
Commissioning Specialist (Onshore) BHE/14/028 
Construction Specialist (Offshore) BHE/14/029 
Construction Specialist (Onshore) BHE/14/030 
Lead Electrical engineer (Onshore) BHE/14/031 
Lead Process Engineer (Onshore) BHE/14/032 
Lead Project Engineer (Onshore) BHE/14/033 
Senior Accountant BHE/14/034 
Senior Cathodic Protection Engineer BHE/14/035 
Senior Environment Engineer BHE/14/036 
Senior Facilities Designer BHE/14/037 
Senior HR Supervisor BHE/14/038 
Senior HVAC Engineer-Offshore BHE/14/039 
Senior HVAC Engineer-Onshore BHE/14/040 
Senior Materials & Corrosion Engineer-Offshore BHE/14/042 
Senior Materials & Corrosion Engineer-Onshore BHE/14/043 
Senior Mechanical Engineer (Static Equipment)-Offshore BHE/14/044 
Senior Mechanical Engineer (Static Equipment)-Onshore BHE/14/045 
Senior Piping Engineer -Offshore BHE/14/046 
Senior Piping Engineer -Onshore BHE/14/047 
Senior Contract Engineer BHE/14/048 
Senior Cost Budget Controller BHE/14/049 
Senior Cost Engineer BHE/14/050 
Senior Document Controller BHE/14/051 
Senior Electrical Engineer (Offshore) BHE/14/052 
Senior Electrical Engineer (Onshore) BHE/14/053 
Senior Instrument and Control engineer (Onshore) BHE/14/054 
Senior Instrument and Control engineer (Offshore) BHE/14/055 
Senior Legal counsel BHE/14/056 
Senior Loss Prevention Engineer-Onshore BHE/14/057 
Senior Planning engineer BHE/14/058 
Sr. Process Engineer (Flow Assurance Specialist) BHE/14/059 
Senior QA/QC Engineer BHE/14/062 
Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer-Onshore BHE/14/063 
Senior Telecom and SCADA Engineer BHE/14/064 

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