December 23, 2015

Job Vacancies | Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

Since SABIC’s founding, its employees have exhibited a remarkable ability to do what others said couldn’t be done.

Ranked among the world’s largest petrochemicals manufacturers, SABIC is a public company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 70% of the Company’s shares are owned by the Saudi Arabian government, with the remaining 30% held by private investors in Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

SABIC began in 1976 by Royal decree and its growth has been nothing short of miraculous. Today, the company has operations in over 40 countries with a global workforce of over 40,000 talented individuals.

Job Title Location Action
Transformer Experts (AG-559) Saudi Arabia Apply
Rotating Equipment Experts (AG-559) Saudi Arabia Apply
APC Experts (AG-559) Saudi Arabia Apply
Inspection Experts (AG-559) Saudi Arabia Apply
Extrusion Process Experts (AG-559) Saudi Arabia Apply
Energy and Sustainability Experts (AG-559) Saudi Arabia Apply
Analyzer Engineers (AG-559) Saudi Arabia Apply
Furnace Process Experts (AG-559) Saudi Arabia Apply
Plant Process Support Engineers (AG-559) Saudi Arabia Apply
Instrumentation & Control Engineers (AG-559) Saudi Arabia Apply
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