March 11, 2016

Jobs in Qatar Fuel Additives Company Limited (QAFAC)

Qatar Fuel Additives Company, popularly known as QAFAC, is an outcome of the Nation's far-sighted strategic plan to diversify its petrochemical base and expand its downstream industries. The Company aims to optimize the utilization of the country's vast hydrocarbon resources through producing and exporting Methanol and MTBE.

Established in 1991, QAFAC is a joint venture between Industries Qatar, OPIC Middle East
Corporation, International Octane LLC and LCY Middle East Corp. The Company commenced operations in 1999.

The QAFAC plant is designed to produce 982,350 TPA of Methanol and 610,000 TPA of MTBE. The Methanol plant design is based on ICI technology whereas MTBE design is based on UOP technology

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M2005060 Sr. Instrument Engineer View & Apply
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