July 27, 2016

Job Vacancies in Hyundai UAE-Engineering and Construction | UAE | Kuwait

Hyundai Engineering will fulfill customer value with the best engineering skills and services.HEC has performed more than 450 process plant projects worldwide including Iraq Karbala Refinery Project, Turkmenistan Kiyanly PE/PP Project, Saudi Jubail Polysilicon Plant Project, and Daesan MMA/PMMA Project. HEC provides top quality service that meets the world-class standards by its highly qualified.

Current Job Opportunities
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Job TitleLocationAction
Cargo Crane Truck Operators U.A.EApply
Grader Operators U.A.EApply
Light Vehicle Drivers U.A.EApply
ICE Plant Operators U.A.EApply
R/O Plant Operators U.A.EApply
Water Truck Operators U.A.EApply
Forklift Operators U.A.EApply
Cargo Crane Truck Operators U.A.EApply
Battery (Auto Electricians) U.A.EApply
Wheel Loader Operators KuwaitApply
Water Truck Operators KuwaitApply
Tractor Drivers KuwaitApply
Hydro Crane Operators KuwaitApply
Fork Lift Operators KuwaitApply
Cargo Crane Truck Drivers KuwaitApply
Dump Truck Drivers KuwaitApply
Crawler Crane Operators KuwaitApply
Concrete Pump Car Operators KuwaitApply
Cargo Crane Truck Drivers KuwaitApply
Backhoe (Excavator) Operators KuwaitApply
Lathe Operators KuwaitApply
Tire Repairmen KuwaitApply
Light Equipment Chassis Mechanics KuwaitApply
Heavy Equipment Welders / Structural Welders KuwaitApply
Heavy Equipment Under Chassis Mechanics KuwaitApply
Heavy Equipment Painters / Spray Painters KuwaitApply
Heavy Equipment Engine Mechanics KuwaitApply
Heavy Equipment Electricians KuwaitApply
HVAC Workers (Cladding) KuwaitApply
QA / QC Building Inspectors KuwaitApply
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