September 14, 2016

Latest Job Vacancies in Hitachi Group - KSA

A leading Japanese Company for their Oil & Gas Hydrocarbon Jazan Refinery Projects in Middle East and Other Countries.

The Vision expresses what the Hitachi Group aims to become in the future. The slogan "Inspire the Next" is an expression of the Group's desire to make this Vision a reality.

The word "Inspire" comes from the Latin "in" or "into" and "spirare" or "breathe." It means "to breathe life into," "to expand upon," and "to encourage." It also carries the meaning of "lifting spirits and raising awareness," and of "giving energy and courage."

The red line stretching above and to the right of "Next" is called the "Inspire Flash." It represents Hitachi's strong desire to achieve even further growth.

The Hitachi Group aims to help create a society that is overflowing with vitality, by "Inspiring the World".
Current Vacancies
Job Title Location
Site Supervisors (Building)  Saudi Arabia
Site Supervisors (Building)  Saudi Arabia
IT Engineers  Saudi Arabia
PCS Engineers  Saudi Arabia
Electrical & Instrument Superintendents  Saudi Arabia
Telecommunication Engineers  Saudi Arabia
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