January 14, 2017

Hiring for Saudi Arabia - Saudi Binladin Group

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded by King Abdul Aziz Al Saud. In 1931 Mohammed Binladin established a construction company within the Kingdom. In 1950, when King Abdul Aziz was planning the first Saudi Extension to the Prophet's Mosque in Madina.He honored Mohammed Binladin by turning to him fulfill his wishes. Work on the extension was completed during the reign of King Abdul Aziz's son King Saud bin Abdul Aziz. As a result of the success of this project, Mohammed Binladin was asked to undertake the extension to the holy Mosque in Makkah, the first for the thousand years. Work on this huge enterprise started in 1955...

...it continued through the reign of King Saud's successor King Faisal...ceremony at completion of the First Saudi Extension of the Makkah Holy Mosque and was completed after twenty years, during the reign of King Khalid. In 1964 Mohammed Binladin was commissioned to work in the third Holy sanctuary of Islam, re-cladding the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. As the developing kingdom expanded its infrastructure, so Mohammed Binladin played an integral part in these pioneering years by building a network of new highways throughout the country.

Now Hiring for Saudi Binladin Group

Job Title Salary(SAR)
Civil Engineer  SAR 3000
Draftsman SAR 2000
Planning Engineer SAR 3000
Safety Officer SAR 1500+300
QA/QC SAR 3000
Carver SAR 1700+300
Storekeeper SAR 1500+300
Quantity Surveyor SAR 3000
Architect SAR 3000-4500
Computer Programmer SAR 2500
Ceiling Carpenter SAR 1100+300
Painter SAR 1100+300
Tile Mason SAR 1100+300
Labour SAR 950+300
Heavy Driver SAR 1400+300
Furniture Carpenter SAR 1300+300
Polish Painter SAR 1400+300
Welder SAR 1100+300
Tailor SAR 1800+300
Upholstery SAR 1800+300

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