April 25, 2017

Job Vacancies in Riyadh Metro - Apply Now

The Riyadh Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Riyadh. It consists of 6 metro lines spanning a total length of 176 kilometers with 85 stations. The project cost $22.5 billion to build. It is scheduled to open in 2019.

About the project
A major new phase for the implementation of the largest cultural project seen in the city of Riyadh, "the King Abdul Aziz Project for public transport in the city of Riyadh," which consists of a modern rail network system. Supported and fed by a multi-level networks of bus transport systems.

Estimates suggest that the number of Riyadh's population will grow about from 6 million to more than 8.5 million over the next 10 years. This will require the provision of more effective alternative ways to meet the needs of the city from population growth and transportation.

The Project Riyadh Metro.
In June 2013, a shortlist of 3 major global consortia was chosen to build the metro.Contracts were awarded in July 2013, with construction planned to start in 2014 and take 4 years.

Hiring Vacancies:

Job Title Qty Salary (SR)
Plumbing Foremen 5 2300-2500
Electrical Foremen 5 2300-2500
Plumber 15 1200-1400
Asst. Plumber 10 1000-1100
Plumber Helper 16 800-1000
Electrician 10 1200-1400
Asst. Electrician 10 1000-1100
Electrical Helper 25 800-1000
A/C Technician 10 1200-1400
Bobcat Operators 10 1000-1300
Forklift Operators 10 1000-1300

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