April 6, 2017

Jobs in Oman - Seeh Al Sarya Engineering LLC (SAS)

Seeh Al Sarya Engineering LLC (SAS) is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited and established company incorporated in 1999. SAS is engaged in carrying out oil and gas related construction and maintenance work that includes Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Control & Automation, Pipeline works. SAS has undertaken and completed all the projects on schedule to satisfactory quality and safety standards for Petroleum Development Oman, Daleel Petroleum Oman and Occidential Oman.
Required for PDO Projects.

No. Job Category Apply
1 Planning Engineers – Civil Submit CV
2 Civil Supervisors Submit CV
3 Project Managers – Civil Submit CV
4 PTW Holder – Civil Submit CV
5 Hydrotest Supervisors / PTW Holders Submit CV
6 HDPE Supervisors Submit CV
7 Painting Supervisors / PTW Holders Submit CV
8 Piping Supervisors / Engineers Submit CV
9 Planning Engineers / Coordinators Submit CV
10 PTW Holder – Mechanical Submit CV
11 Project Managers – Mechanical Submit CV
12 Pipeline Construction Managers Submit CV
13 Pipeline Project Managers Submit CV
14 Hydrotest Engineers Submit CV
15 HSE Advisors / Admin Submit CV
16 Workshop Managers Submit CV
17 Project Cost Controllers Submit CV
18 QAQC Engineers Submit CV
19 Civil Lab Assistants Submit CV
20 Civil Survey Assistants Submit CV
21 Electrical Technicians Submit CV
22 Electrician – Industrial Submit CV
23 Instrument Fitters Submit CV
24 Instrument Technicians Submit CV
25 Blasters Submit CV
26 Fabricators – Structural Submit CV
27 Fabricators / Pipe Fitters Submit CV
28 Fitter Assistants Submit CV
29 GRE Bonder Submit CV
30 GRE Grinder Man Submit CV
31 GRE Laminators Submit CV
32 Grinder Man Submit CV
33 Painters Submit CV
34 Pipe Binding Technicians Submit CV
35 Riggers Submit CV
36 Welder Dolly Mix – 5G Submit CV
37 Welders 6G – ARC Submit CV
38 Welder – GTAW & SMAW Submit CV
39 Security / Watchman Submit CV
40 Technicians – Pump / Motor Submit CV
41 Power Operators Submit CV
42 JCB Operators Submit CV
43 Tele Handler Operations Submit CV
44 Heavy Duty Drivers Submit CV
45 Tank Cleaners Submit CV
Client Interview will be held at Mumbai, Chennai & Cochin on 22nd January to 1st February 2018. 
Experience: All candidates should have experience in Oil & Gas Industry
Attractive Salary with Free Food & Accommodation Provided
Contact for More:
Seagull International, Mumbai
Email: omanseagull@gmail.com
Contact: +91 9446534198
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