February 24, 2019

C.A.T. Group Company Hiring Now | Saudi Arabia - Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects

The C.A.T. Group is a world leader in the contracting industry serving a wide spectrum of sectors such as the Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities, Civil, Infrastructure and Buildings We offer integrated solutions in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Facilities Management under various contracting schemes developed to suit our Client's best interests. Our Project Management competencies and skills emanate from a family of professionals that caters to an array of disciplines (Pipeline, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation to Civil and Roads).

The C.A.T. Group has played a significant and proud role in the history of 20th Century contracting. Established in 1937, the Contracting And Trading (C.A.T.) Company is considered one of construction pioneers in the region of the Middle East since the oil discovery era. The Company witnessed an unparalleled track record of achievements driven by an exponential growth and a great legacy of projects and developments that impacted various communities from the African Continent till Central Asia. 

Job Agency: SOS International
SOS International, Since 1989, SOSi has provided specialized services supporting the national security interests of the United States and the security and stability needs of its allies. We excel at providing logistics, construction, training, intelligence and information technology solutions to our clients in the defense, diplomatic, intelligence and law enforcement communities.
C.A.T. Group is hiring for Saudi Arabia, 
Industry: Petroleum/Oil&Gas/Projects/Infrastructure/Power/ Non-conventional energy
Client interview will be shortly.
No. Position Location
1 QA / QC Managers KSA
2 QC Mechanical Supervisors KSA
3 QC Mechanical Inspectors KSA
4 QC Piping KSA
5 Mechanical Inspectors (Aramco Codes) KSA
6 QC Civil Inspectors KSA
7 QC Coating Inspectors KSA
8 QC E&I Supervisors KSA
9 Plant & Equipment Supervisors KSA
10 Procurement QC Supervisors KSA
11 QC Telecom Inspectors KSA
12 NDT Coordinators KSA
13 QC Welding Inspectors KSA
14 QC HVAC Inspectors KSA
15 RTR QC Inspectors KSA
16 Safety Engineers KSA
17 Land Surveyors KSA
18 Industrial Electricians KSA
19 Genset Electricians KSA
20 Diesel, Petrol, Hydraulic Mechanics KSA
21 Spray Painters KSA
22 Welders KSA
23 Plumbers KSA
24 Structural Fabricators KSA
25 Fire Alarm Technicians KSA
26 Auto Electricians KSA
27 Marketing Managers KSA
28 Marketing Executives KSA
29 Trailer Drivers KSA
30 Heavy Drivers KSA
31 Light Drivers KSA
32 Sales Drivers KSA
33 Riggers I, II & III KSA
34 General Labours KSA
35 Showel Operators KSA
36 Bulldozer Operators KSA
37 JCB Operators KSA
38 Crane Operators KSA
39 Forklift Operators KSA
40 Bob Cut Operators KSA
41 Boom Truck Operators KSA
Contact for More Details:
SOS International
9, Brakathambal Street Nungambakkam, Behind Taj Coramandel, Chennai - 34
Contact Number: +919150195263 or +918940655331
Email: jobs.sos@hotmail.com
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